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2019 Car Tax Increase

January 22, 2019

April 2019 will see a change in road tax rates for almost all drivers. Depending on your car’s age and its Co2 emissions, you may have to pay up to £65 more per year for tax.


How it will be judged

Your car tax increase will be judged, effectively, on your vehicle’s Co2 emissions. For example, cars with emissions of up to 225g/ km will pay an extra £15, while those below 120g/ km won’t have to pay anything.

We would recommend looking into it at gov.uk to find out exactly how you will be affected. Their helpful calculator will allow you to see exactly how much you will be required to pay.


Who is affected the most?

It’s not terrible news for everyone, as owners of slightly older cars won’t see any significant increases. Owners of new cars, however, will notice the difference most.

Diesel cars are also becoming increasingly scrutinised, although these changes to VED tax are not targeted at them, specifically.