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British Car Brands: A Look at the Best

July 20, 2018

British Car Brands: A look at the Best

As we’re based in London, we thought we’d celebrate the wonderful heritage of British car brands. Being in the capital ourselves, we’ve got great access to some of England’s most illustrious history … half the time, though, we don’t even have to leave our garage!

While people are hardly bringing Aston Martins to us every other day, we have dealt with a large number of prestigious English cars over the years. Let’s take a look, here, at 5 of England’s most well-renowned car manufacturers. While they may now be owned by companies from overseas, there’s something undeniably British surrounding all of these brands.


Aston Martin

Almost certainly the car most people think of the moment they hear “British car brands”, Aston Martin remains one of the finest cars on the market. Popularised further through 007’s on-screen antics, models such as the DB5 and the DB9 perfectly illustrate the modernisation and streamlining of top cars. Anyone fortunate enough to be able to afford one of these wonderful machines ought to count themselves rather lucky.
Image of an Aston Martin DB11 outside a garage

Land Rover

Second on the list is a slightly more affordable choice than the first. Land Rovers come in a range of different models, but generally their design is unmistakable. Suiting the country-lover down to the ground as an impressive 4×4, Land Rovers were granted a Royal Warrant in 1951 by King George VI.
Image of a green Land Rover


If Aston Martin is typically James Bond’s vehicle of choice, then the villain chasing him is typically doing so in a Jaguar. We can stretch the analogy further, too, by pointing out that those evil British super villains often appearing in American films are often sat, proudly, in a classic Jaguar. Another more affordable vehicle in our list of British car brands, the Jaguar gives most people earning a reasonable salary the opportunity of a great driving experience.
Image of the front of a Jaguar car, zoomed in on the 3D Jaguar emblem


From Lady Penelope’s pink motor to Henry Royce’s first attempts in the early 1900s, Rolls-Royce is scattered throughout British motoring folklore and for good reason. Few grills (if any) are more iconic than the unique front of a Rolls, and they continued to be manufactured to an incredibly high standard today.
An image of the grill of a rolls-royce car


Last on our list of iconic British car brands is the Morgan. With a base still here in London, the British ties are still incredibly strong, too. Another car with an exceptionally iconic grill and front, the Morgan looks set to continue flying the British flag for many years to come.
Image of the grill of a classic Morgan sports car, one of the most iconic British car brands

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