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Car Mechanics: How Do I Know I’ve Got a Great One?

March 13, 2017

For many people, a car is a crucial part of everyday life; travelling to and from work, dropping the children off and picking them up school and nursery, running errands, taking off on a road trip or holiday, all of these are made much easier and more feasible thanks to cars. Therefore, when your car breaks down, it can be hugely detrimental and disruptive, especially if you don’t have a local garage whom you trust to fix your vehicle efficiently and at a fair price. Below, French & German Car Services Limited considers exactly what qualities you should expect from reliable car mechanics in the Westminster, Enfield, and Camden areas.


Clear and Honest Communication

Car mechanics are experts of their trade and will, accordingly, use technical language accordingly when working with their colleagues on a vehicle. However, these technical terms will not necessarily make sense to those who don’t work within the industry. Therefore, some car mechanics who use this lingo with customers may be purposely trying to confuse and overwhelm them. A dependable car mechanic will explain what work needs doing simply and comprehensively, leaving out any baffling phrases that are designed to bamboozle you.

Trustworthy Services

The horror stories of rogue traders in the automotive industry appear more frequently than they should, tales that speak of car mechanics who have played on the ignorance of clients and charged extortionate rates for work that never needed doing in the first place. Trustworthy car mechanics will only recommend work that actually needs carrying out on the vehicle and not lots of added extras that are only suggested so that they can make a profit. What’s more, they will keep their promises, having the car ready to go on the date and time agreed upon prior to collection, no matter whether they are completing bodywork, repairs or car servicing.

Knowledge and Expertise

It always helps when your mechanic knows what they’re doing! Following years of experience and extensive training, great car mechanics may be able to take a brief look at your vehicle and diagnose common faults straight away. Of course, a thorough check is always needed to identify any issues that are causing problems with the car and they will do this confidently and efficiently. Dependable car mechanics will boast certifications and qualifications that will evidence their training and, consequently, be able to work with a wide range of makes and models. Furthermore, they will be converse with the most up to date technology used in vehicles, understand the latest techniques, and feel comfortable utilising modern servicing equipment.

Comes Highly Recommended

Unfortunately, as with many things in life, the negative often speaks louder than the positive, which is why you can always rest assured that you made the right choice in car mechanics when you can see that they have received lots of fantastic feedback from previous customers. Look out for car mechanics whose social media pages and websites boast plenty of endorsing testimonials from locals, as this is a great way to get an honest view of their services.

Customers across Enfield, Camden, and Westminster can trust in the friendly team of car mechanics here at French & German Car Services Ltd to provide superior services for their vehicles. Whether you need to visit our MOT Centre or your simply want a new pair of tyres for your vehicle, we are happy to help. You can book an appointment by giving us a call on 0207 609 1502 or by filling in our quick and easy online query form.