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The Know-Hows of Looking after Your Car Tyres

January 12, 2017

Regular vehicle checks are paramount to the safety and comfort of a driver and their passengers. Problems such as wheel imbalance and lack of surface grip to name but a few contribute towards a dangerous driving experience. We here at French & German Car Services Ltd strongly believe that everyone should understand the crucial aspects of how to care for their car, which is why we have provided three key know-hows for looking after your car tyres:



Roads – whether a country lane or a busy motorway – are littered with many hazardous paraphernalia which frequently become lodged in your car tyres. These, alongside impact with potholes and kerbs, can result in cuts, bulges, and punctures, all of which seriously compromise the safety and performance of your wheels. Should you notice anything concerning with the tread or sidewalls of your tyres, don’t hesitate to book your car in with a professional as soon as possible, otherwise you run the risk of a tyre blowout.



During the winter season it is recommended that your tread is as high as possible to safely handle any muddy, wet, and icy roads. This will ideally be around 4mm to cope with riskier weather conditions, but 3mm will still ensure that you have the best possible braking action. A quick and easy way to tell if the tread on your car tyres is approaching the legal limit (1.6mm) is to use your handy tyre wear indicators; these are the raised notches which sit in the grooves of your tyres. If your tread has worn down enough to sit level with these notches, you know it’s time to change over your tyres. Make sure to check across all of the rubber in order to identify any areas that may be wearing unevenly; should this be the case it’s advisable to consult a mechanic, who can help you to identify the cause of this uneven wear and fix the issue accordingly.



If there are no visible signs of damage or tread loss on your car tyres, it is easy to be complacent and assume that there are no problems that need to be addressed. Loss of tyre pressure is difficult to notice with the naked eye, therefore the best option is to gain an accurate pressure reading using a digital gauge, always ensuring that this is carried out whilst the tyres are cool. Consult your car manual to find out the optimum tyre pressure for your specific vehicle, as this will vary depending on the make and model. Under or over inflation of tyres encourage uneven wear, impact handling, and reduce grip on the roads.


Never forget that your car tyres will naturally wear away over time; the lifespan of a tyre depends on several factors including mileage, how you are driving, and the kind of terrains to which your tyres are exposed. If you would like expert advice on your car tyres or on general car servicing for your vehicle, consult the knowledgeable team of mechanics here at French & German Car Services Ltd. We are local to Enfield and Camden & Westminster, therefore don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling on 0207 609 1502 or by completing our online form.