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Safe Driving Tips: Our Five Points for Staying Safe on the Road

August 15, 2017

Safe Driving Tips: Our Five Points For Staying Safe on The Road

As a company that deals with cars every day of the week, it’s clear to us that the vehicles have become an omnipresent feature of modern life. If you travel to work, pick your children up from school, or enjoy going on holiday, the likelihood is that you’ll drive. French and German Car Services Limited also understand the importance of safe driving. As it’s become so ingrained in our daily lives, though, driving is easy to overlook from a safety perspective.

Here, we’ve put together a simple list as a reminder of some crucial safe driving tips. It’s not meant to patronise or be exhaustive, but it’s always useful to be reminded!

Always wear your seatbelt

There’s no excuse for not rigidly keeping to this point. Not wearing your seatbelt puts you in very obvious danger, and can also endanger others in the vehicle. Even if you’re not travelling far, there’s still a chance you could have an accident; you can’t control other drivers, after all. You’re much more likely to leave an accident injury-free if you’re wearing a seatbelt, as the chances of you being thrown from the vehicle are greatly reduced. Even if you’re in the back, hitting into the person in front of you can cause them serious injury. It is both foolish and selfish not to wear a seatbelt, so make sure you always do.

Obey the speed limit at all times

Safe driving doesn’t mean driving as slowly as you possibly can. In fact, driving too slowly can actually be very dangerous. It also, however, doesn’t mean speeding. Despite what some people might lead you to believe, speed limits have been decided upon because that speed has been deemed the safest for the area. It makes sense, therefore, to stick within the limit. Safe speeds have been researched by experts; the likelihood is that you weren’t involved in the process, and aren’t an expert. Had you been, you’d probably have a better understanding about why it’s so important. For now though, just consider the fact that people with a lot of time, resources, and scientific knowledge have decided upon the restrictions.

Don’t tailgate

Aside from the fact that tailgating is incredibly annoying, it’s also extremely dangerous. Driving a couple of metres behind someone who’s doing 60mph is not at all safe. Should the other driver break abruptly, there’s a good chance you’ll go straight into the back of them at a high speed. Should they perform an emergency stop, you’ll have no chance of stopping in time. If you’re behind a very slow moving vehicle, keep your distance and only overtake if it’s completely safe to do so. Under no circumstances, however, is it acceptable to tailgate. It puts you and the vehicle in front in very real danger. For a more definitive guide to how far back you should keep, read up on your stopping distances.

Remain observant

So all of our safe driving tips have, so far, been incredibly obvious. That doesn’t make them any less important, though. It also doesn’t make them any easier to remember. If anything, it’s easier to overlook them. Remaining observant is a broad way of telling you not to drive if you’re tired, to concentrate at all times, and to refrain from falling foul of distractions. Even if you’re travelling somewhere you’re completely familiar with, it’s essential that you stay alert to every possibility. The majority of accidents occur within a radius of 25 miles from the home; clearly, knowing the road is no guarantee of safe driving. Listening to music at its full volume might appeal to some, but it’s one of the most common serious distractions. There’s so much we could cover in this paragraph, but just ensure that you stick to what you were taught by your driving instructor, and remember your hazard perception test!

Never use your phone

While some cars now come with built-in hands-free technology, under no circumstances is it acceptable to use your handset while you’re driving. It’s estimated that doing so increases your chances of having an accident by 400%. Remember, you’re endangering other people too if you do so; they can’t choose whether or not you text back.

French and German

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