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8 Ways To Look After Your Car Tyres

September 28, 2020

How can you look after your car tyres?

We have discussed this many times before, but we really can’t stress it enough, regular car maintenance is important and essential for the safe working of your car. In our latest blog, we take a look at 8 ways you can better look after and care for your car tyres. 



  • 1. Tyre pressure


Ideally, you should check your car tyre pressure every month, and especially if you’re about to embark on a long journey. Why? Because it reduces the risk of you losing control of your vehicle. The optimum time to check your tyre pressure is when the tyres are cold. Other benefits of checking your tyre pressure regularly include protecting your tyres from premature wear and irreversible damage to the internal construction. In addition to this, over or under-inflation of the tyres reduces the life of the tyres, affects their performance and increases the risk of damage. By having the correct tyre pressure you can also save fuel.

How does tyre pressure drop? It decreases through small perforations that mean that air escapes through the tyre’s components. It can also decrease and drop due to changes in temperature.

Where can you find the recommended tyre pressure? This can be found in the user manual of your vehicle, or on the label of your car door, or on the door frame, or on the inside of the fuel flap. 



  • 2. Tyre wear and depth


It is important to regularly check the tread depth of your tyres. If they are worn or fall below the recommended tread depth level of 1.6mm, then you must get them replaced to ensure that they are legal and safe to drive on UK roads. 

Why is it important to maintain good tread depth? Not only does it help you maintain more control, but it also helps water dispersion which helps reduce the risk of aquaplaning and correct air pressure. 



  • 3. Balancing


With the correct balancing, it helps prevent premature tyre wear and eliminates vibration. In addition to this, it also helps protect suspension, the steering system and bearing of your vehicle. Therefore, it’s important to balance your wheels when replacing a tyre.



  • 4. Rear tyres


The rear tyres of your vehicle are not connected to the steering wheel. This means that it is more difficult to judge the rear tyres’ grip compared to the front tyres. For better control when it comes to emergency braking, or navigating around tight corners when the roads are slippery, it is crucial to fit new rear tyres or the least worn tyres.



  • 5. Wheel alignment


Similarly, with balancing, it is also important to ensure that your wheels are aligned correctly. While driving you may find your tyres have come into contact with a kerb or pothole, this can cause the wheels to become misaligned, and they need to be corrected by a tyre specialist. If you have incorrect wheel alignment, this also affects your car’s suspension; this can cause handling to change and your safety compromised.



  • 6. Tyre valves


Components within your tyres also need to be checked, such as valves, as these can be subject to deterioration over time. One inexpensive way to protect your tyres is by replacing the valves when you buy a new set of tyres. A cracked or deteriorating rubber valve can bend and allow the loss of air, especially when driving at high speeds.

What are the tyre valves and valve caps? These are important as they act as an air seal, while also keeping out dust and dirt particles. Therefore, both of these components need to be airtight.



  • 7. Tyre repairs and specialist advice


After carrying out your own visual inspection and checks, you can also seek the advice of a tyre specialist. They can remove the tyre from the wheel and inspect it from the inside – not all tyre damage is visible on the surface, especially if it is internal. Alongside this, a tyre specialist will also ensure that your tyres follow the correct compliance.



  • 8. Car service


In conjunction with regular maintenance and tyre inspections, it is also recommended that a specialist or expert carries out annual inspections and checks. 



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