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Car Maintenance: Most Common Winter Car Repairs

December 5, 2019

What Are the Most Common Winter Car Repairs?

As the temperature drops and we descend into the dark, cold winter months, there are certain car repairs that become more common than others this time of year. We all know how important it is to drive safely, particularly during the winter months as the roads may be slippery or icy and visibility may be reduced. But, when winter weather strikes the extreme cold and aggressive road conditions can cause havoc on several automotive systems. Our heaters may stop working and our windscreen washer tanks are susceptible to cracking and leaking.


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Five most common winter car repairs:

Winter road conditions displayed through a car wing mirror

Heater System Failure

As most of us only use our heating system in the winter, we discover issues or problems during this season too. If you suspect your vehicle has a heating system failure, be sure to have a professional mechanic inspect it and determine the source before any repairs are attempted.


Windscreen Wiper Motor Replacement

With the regular occurrences of rain or snow, we inevitably end up using our windscreen wipers more frequently, compared to other seasons and months in the year. Alongside this, it also happens to be the most popular and inopportune time for them to fail.


Windscreen Washer Tank Replacement

Windscreen washer fluid is designed to withstand cold temperatures, however some people ‘top-off the tank’ with water. This sets them up for eventual windscreen washer tank failure. As the freezing temperatures hit, the mixture of water and washer fluid inside the tank freezes, which leads to the tank cracking. Over time, this will lead to leakage and it empties and then need a replacement.


Oil Cooler Line Replacement

During the winter, this is a component that has a tendency to wear out or break. Winter damage to the oil cooler lines typically happens in extreme cold climate. When cities or towns use salt on the roads, and as  drivers drive over these roads, the salt sticks to components on the underside of the vehicle. Eventually, the exposed threads corrode and loosen as the engine warms up.


Headlight Bulb Replacement

With long periods of darkness during the winter, there is an increased need for visibility; our headlights get maximum use during this season. This eventually leads to them needing to be replaced. It is also important to check that the headlight housing isn’t damaged, and the rubber seal is not cracked and incurred any damage.



Some mechanical failures are an eventual inevitability when owning a vehicle. Even with diligent and regular car maintenance, sometimes the time of year is stacked heavily against us and it affects our car.


During the icy cold winter days, there is a heavy reliance on the heater as passenger comfort is essential. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is on our most common list of winter car repairs. Similarly, headlights and windshield wipers are in near constant use during the winter, which adds stress to the bulbs and systems needed for visibility. Equally, when the temperature drops, fluids thicken and place increased stress on these parts in our vehicle, leading to oil coolers and washer fluid failing.


Winter Car Maintenance: Next Steps

If you’re wondering how you can take care of your car or vehicle in the winter. We have collated some handy routine maintenance tips – following these will help you avoid causing extreme damage to your vehicle and save you money in the long run.


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