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Don’t Risk It, Fix It! Give Your Car Some Extra Care with Bodywork Repairs

October 17, 2019

Give your beloved car some extra care with F&G bodywork repairs

No matter how careful we all are on the road, sometimes our car needs a little extra love and care, and may require bodywork repairs. This can be the result of minor scratches, dents, chips and scuffs. Often damage is caused from hitting a pothole, seasonal motoring damage (such as grit on the road), an accidental scrape or bump in a car park, or even from another driver opening their door into yours. If damages are left untreated, especially chips in our windscreen, significant damage to the paintwork, suspension or wheels, then they can cause bigger issues over time. Not only this, but they can also significantly affect the overall value of the vehicle when you come to sell.

Bumps, scuffs, chips and scratches

Chips, scuffs, dents and scratches can leave your car looking a little worse for wear. If this sounds familiar to you, then it might be time to get some bodywork repairs and freshen your car back up again.
Whether you’re motivated by the fact you’ve accidentally spoiled the look of your nice new car, or you simply want to get cosmetic bodywork repairs to hide the shame and embarrassment from a recent bump or scrape, it’s important to take your car to see a car mechanic who can repair the damage. This is especially true if you suspect you’ve caused some serious damage to the suspension, wheels or windscreen.
Now you may be asking yourself, how can damage to the paintwork cause an impact on the car performance, other than just affecting the overall aesthetic? When damage is made to the paint, it removes the clear coat layer. This layer is integral to protecting the metal body from further environmental damage. When exposed, it becomes liable to rust and further corrosion. Where possible, try and correct the paintwork as soon as you can. Repairing minor car dents and scratches can be tackled easily at home with guidance, but for more major repair work you should seek out a professional to carry out any significant bodywork repairs.

Kerbs, potholes or everyday road wear and tear

We’ve all, at some point or another, had that ‘oops, was that a kerb!’ sinking feeling, or the moment when a massive pothole just appears out of nowhere. It’s a sinking, often regretful and embarrassing feeling, especially when we know we have damaged the bodywork of our car and caused an accidental dent, scratch or scuff. Often, it’s also followed by the realisation that we will require some bodywork repairs in order to fix it and restore it to its former glory.
But don’t worry, here at F&G Car Services Ltd, we can fix your car right up. We offer competitive rates, excellent quality standards and will repair your car as if nothing bad ever happened!

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