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Everything You Need To Know About Engine Oil Leaks

December 15, 2020

For your vehicle to run optimally, your car fluids play a key role. 

Sometimes you may notice, when you park your car, is that you may notice liquid spots underneath your car. If this happens, it is a clear indication that some type of car fluid is leaking. The most common type of fluid leak is an engine oil leak.


What are the different types of vehicle fluid leaks?

Antifreeze fluid leak
An antifreeze leak is usually indicated when you notice a patch of thick fluid. Often the fluid is yellow, pink, or green in colour.


Steering fluid leak

A steering fluid leak usually occurs around the front area of the vehicle. This leak is often brown or red in colour and usually thin. 


Water leak

This type of leak is often found underneath the car, and you’ll likely see a small pool of clear, odourless liquid.


Transmission fluid leak

With this type of leak you may notice a thick patch of brown or red fluid around the midsection of the vehicle.


Brake fluid leak

This leak is notable by an oily patch that has a clear to brown colour near the passenger side seat, or around the car’s wheels.


What is the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s oil level?

Your vehicle works best when all the different components in the engine are working simultaneously. 

The motion of all the engine components usually causes a lot of friction. Your car’s engine oil typically acts as a lubricant that helps reduce friction among all the components.


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