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How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

September 23, 2019

car maintenance

How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

As a driver and owner of a car, you want your car to last as long as possible. In order to keep your vehicle reliable, safe and healthy, make sure to carry-out the primary checks such as checking the tyres, topping up on fluids when needed, and never delay repairs. Repairs can be expensive, so it’s crucial to take as much care of your car as possible to avoid nasty bills and unexpected problems.

Owners Manual

Your owners manual is the holy grail when it comes to being clued-up on all of your cars fixtures, warning lights and how it functions. Most drivers leave their owners manual buried in their glove box or down the sides of their car to never be seen or read. However, we believe brushing up on your reading on this will help with any initial problems and will also help you prevent problems occurring as well as learning more useful information about your car.

Tyre Checks

Your tyres are extremely important to the efficiency of your car. You should make sure you check your tyre pressure when the weather is cold and warm as the pressure within the tyres fluctuate in different temperature conditions and can be dangerous when too much pressure or not enough pressure is present. It is also vital that you check the tyre tread, to ensure your tyres meet the legal tread requirement. When tyres become worn down and the 1.6mm tread mark is no longer visible, this can deteriorate the performance and grip of the wheels when driving and braking which can be very dangerous.

Drive Safely

When driving, it is important that you drive sensibly and with care. Jackrabbit acceleration and forceful breaking will over time take a toll on your car by increasing strain on components, which will wear them out faster. So take your time and be safe when driving, and make it a habit to regularly check your car before proceeding in long car journeys.


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