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Summer Car Maintenance: Looking after your car in the hot weather

April 15, 2019

summer car maintenance - a photo of a car driving in the summer

Summer Car Maintenance: Looking after your car in the hot weather

With summer on the horizon, and the season of road trips soon upon us, it is important to know how you should be looking after your car and how you should be preparing for the weather. Winter is often referred to as a difficult time with vehicles and has a strain on our journey, however, summer can be just as challenging. By following our essential summer car maintenance guide, you should feel prepared and ready for a stress-free summer on the road.

Although you can never rely on life running smoothly, you can try your best in making sure your car does. The importance of equipping yourself with the right measures before heading off on a long car journey over the summer months is crucial to ensure you do not come across any unpleasant bumps and bills along the way.

Extra light

Accidents often occur when your vision is depleted by the suns rays and a dirty windscreen. You must make sure you are equipped with a pair of sunnies before heading off on a long car journey. Polarised sunglasses are best for reflecting the glare of the sun. You must make sure that your car is stocked up with windscreen washer so you are prepared while you are on the move.

Air Conditioning

If this summer is going to be anything like last years, you will remember how valuable air conditioning was. Using air conditioning when needed helps with reducing pollen levels and will help prevent your hayfever as well as keeping you cool in the traffic. On average, you should have your aircon reviewed every two years. Repairs can often be costly when car maintenance is not practised properly.

Coolant Levels

It is suggested that drivers check up on their engine coolant levels at least once a week to ensure that their fluid levels are in between the maximum and minimum marks. Drivers can expect to receive a bill over £1000 for this issue to be resolved if car maintenance isn’t taken seriously over the summer. Not checking the coolant levels can cause your car to over boil in the heat.


Your tyres go through a lot. Speed bumps, potholes and challenging road conditions are a daily task for them and they should be one of the first things to examine before heading off on a long car journey. Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated before setting off and your tyre tread is at least 1.6mm, (this is a legal requirement.) A bigger tread gives your car more control and movement on the roads.

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