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Should You Wash Your Car in Winter?

November 11, 2020

Winter is coming. The descent has begun, cold weather looms as temperatures drop near freezing point. Understandably, most motorists are hesitant to wash their cars during this time. ‘Is it worth it?’, they ponder. The locks may freeze, and the doors may jam. That’s why it’s not surprising to learn that the majority of car owners don’t wash their cars during this season.


Washing your car in the winter months

The big question is, should you wash your car in winter? Is it actually bad for the car, or is it simply just an unpleasant (and cold!) experience for the car cleaner? 

Unless you really love cleaning your car (no hate if you do!), then doing it when it’s cold outside is not a pleasant experience. However, it is important to maintain the cleanliness and exterior of the car throughout the winter months. If left, this can lead to mechanical problems, as well as being unsightly. 

In answer to the question of whether or not you should wash your car in winter. The answer is a resounding yes, you should wash your car every fortnight. Or, get it professionally cleaned.


Why should you wash your car in winter?


Prevent damage from winter grime and salt

During wintertime, salt is used on the roads, especially when there is icy weather due. The problem with salt is that it is very corrosive to the car’s paint and metal surfaces. Driving along a slushy road causes issues as the build-up of salt can quickly gather on the lower half of the car. The salt and winter grime can lead to permanent damage on the car’s metal surfaces, finish and to the paintwork.

Salt corrosion on the under-layer of the car can lead to rust, which in turn, can lead to mechanical problems and the components becoming compromised due to the rust.

Alongside these problems, if you enter your vehicle with snow and salt on your boots or shoes, this can cause more than just a damp carpet in the interior of your car. The salt and water can leak into the car’s undercarriage, which is another cause of rust. If you’re worried about salt entering the interior of your car, look out for streaks on the car’s carpet or mats.


Useful car cleaning tips


Use protective wax

To help reduce the damaging effects of winter grime, it is advisable to apply a good quality wax before winter when you’re cleaning your car. 


Replace carpet with rubber mats

To prevent the salt from seeping from the car carpet into the car undercarriage, use rubber mats instead of fabric ones. This also helps with general car interior cleaning, as it’s easier to clean off any excess snow from your shoes before entering the car.


Consider getting waterproof covers

If your work requires you to leave and re-enter the car regularly (such as a delivery driver), then you might want to consider covering the seats with waterproof covers during the winter. Water on a person’s coat can easily lead to stains or unpleasant odours on the car’s upholstery.


Apply anti-fogging coating to the windows

To prepare your windows and the windscreen for winter, you can apply an anti-fogging coating. The anti-fog coat helps reduce condensation on the glass, and it also helps prevent the windscreen from fogging up. Fogged up windows can be hazardous as they interfere with the driver’s vision. When preparing your car for winter, it is also advisable to replace the window washer fluid with de-icing fluid.


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